Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cute Finds at Lakeshore Learning

Yesterday I was driving around the town and was down near Lakeshore Learning. You might not have a Lakeshore Learning store near you, but it's kind of like teacher heaven (or around back to school time it's teacher torture). I figured, it's the middle of August...the store will be empty! School doesn't start for weeks! It will be heaven! I had my list ready and was looking forward to perusing the nice, empty store.

I walked in, and it was a zoo. Kids crying. Carts being bumped into each other. Teachers grabbing lesson plan books and things being thrown in baskets.

Not teacher heaven.

Usually I'd turn around and go home. I'd go back the minute the store opened to avoid craziness. But I figured I was already there and it is kind of a trip to get there so I'd just do my shopping.

Here are some of the things I picked up..

 I have an "Under the Sea" theme in my room so I thought this was perfect! On the first day of school we create the rules together and then I have each child sign the chart.

These are the best desk tags! There's so much information on them. The kids look at it all day while doing work and it's really helpful. Besides the shapes with names, there's the alphabet and a 100 grid.

All in all, the trip wasn't so bad. I got a bunch of things that I needed and picked up my free lesson plan book (with $20 purchase). It was only a mildly painful reminder that school is starting soon!

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  1. I hope you have a great year and find a good way to use all the items you purchased!
    ~ Michael <><
    The Color of Sound