Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Hi everyone!

I recently donated my Character Project and Character Project Sheet to a giveaway given by Heaven in Grade 7! This project is great for the end of a Character Unit and helps the students "show what they know" about the characters they've been studying.  Even though it's Grade 7, there are tons of elementary products that you could win.

If you are interested in winning my Character Project, it is in the 3rd Bundle.

After the TPT sale, I also gained a few new followers.  Welcome and thanks for following!  Lately I've been posting a lot of giveaways and products from my TPT store, but I do also post about my class and strategies for having a successful school year.  I don't start school until September so my mind is not quite there yet! :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's On Your Wish List?

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is TPT's big back-to-school sale!  I know that many people are waiting for the sale to buy items that are on their wish lists (including me)!  Ideas By Jivey had a great idea to have a wish list linky party for the sale.  Below I am listing the top two items that people wish list in my store, and the item that I most covet!

#1:  Mystery Activities and Worksheets
This packet includes an activity in which students decipher a numerical code and make up one of their own codes, an elements of a mystery definition page, a mystery reading chart where students keep track of the elements in their mystery books, and worksheets to help you and the students stage (and solve) your own crime!

#2: Third Grade ELA Common Core Standards Bulletin Board Set 
 This is a complete set of bulletin board posters of the ELA Common Core standards for the third grade. It includes Reading Literature, Reading for Information, Speaking and Listening, Foundational Skills, Writing, and Language. Each standard is in it's own box. They are easy to cut, laminate, and use on your bulletin boards or schedules!

Annnd...the item that is on MY wish list that I would love to get is Yearn to Learn's Equivalent Fraction Kite Project.

Can you recommend an item that people should wish list?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Sale!

Hi everyone,

I am joining in the TPT Back to School Sale!  All of my products will be 28% off the regular prices.  The sale runs from August 18th-19th and the discount code is BTS13.  Happy shopping!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hey everyone!

I just revised my Homework Check Chart for NYC Teachers.  I use this every year and it helps me keep track of how much homework each child is completing.  I type up the entire school year into a chart and there are boxes (Mon-Fri) where you can check once homework is completed.  It's a great way to let parents know how much homework is really being completed!
Click HERE to access it on TPT!

Many bloggers have been linking up to show pics of their classrooms.  I have a little teacher envy at how cozy and colorful they all are but they all look very labor intensive!  I wish I was that motivated lol.  I have to say that they all look great though and they're actually getting me (a little) excited to start working on my room!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer is Almost Over!

Hi everyone!  I hope that you have all enjoyed your summer break...I know that most people in the South have gone back already, but us Northerners still have about two more weeks.  I don't know which is better, ending in May and starting in August, or ending in June and starting in September.  I guess it really doesn't matter.  I am looking forward to the new school year AND a new grade!  I will be teaching second grade this year!  I'm keeping the website's name the same though because most of the products that I make for second grade will also work for third.  I'm super excited about the change and no testing!!!

I've started thinking about what I can prepare for the beginning of the school year and decided to start with the Common Core Standards.  I get so tired of writing out the standards for bulletin boards and for my flow of the day chart (schedule) so I typed them up.  They are really easy to print, cut, and laminate.  I've only been able to complete the Writing Standards and Literature Standards, but eventually I will finish typing up all of them.  If you're interested, check them out!  I also have the complete set of Third Grade Standards on TPT.

Writing Standards