Sunday, July 29, 2012

Staples Super Sale

Staples is having it's annual super teacher sale!  This week they have folders for ONE cent each.  At the end of every school year, I take an inventory of which folders I need and then pick them up during this great sale.  I know that some teachers let their students bring in their own folders.  However, to make my life easier I like to color code based on the subject.  For example, reading folders are purple; writing folders are green; math is red, etc.  This way students aren't rummaging around looking for a folder.  I can just say, "Take out your GREEN writing folder."  Eventually the kids identify the subject with the color.  It's a lot of folders to buy out of pocket, but this sale helps.  And it helps my sanity :)
Click here to view the sale:  Staples Sale

Here's a list of the folders I use in my classroom:
Morning Work
Word Work
Science/Social Studies (combined into one folder)

We keep the homework folders in the front of the room for easy access.  Morning work and math stay in a cubby at their desks.  The rest of the folders are kept in the back of the room in individual numbered cubbies.  Once school starts I will add some photos!

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